Transform An Old, Leftover Tire Into The Perfect Living Room Addition With This Ottoman Tutorial


One of our favorite DIY projects, this man turns an old tire into a beautiful rustic looking ottoman for his living room!


  1. Posted by DrMcKeever, — Reply

    Please list the supplies (i.e. sealant, size rope, legs, material for top and bottom base of table. Did you purchase materials from Home Depot?

  2. Posted by mommawheat0613, — Reply

    If you properly wash the tire before hand it will not smell bad and also you can simply use a natural oil spray on the rope if you dont like the smell of rubber.

  3. Posted by genetcasimir, — Reply

    Beverly, appreciate your adding the legs to it. How did you screw them on for durability and endurance?

  4. Posted by cinsomm68, — Reply

    My first thought..the smell..but for a covered porch, or patio..this may work..

  5. Posted by imbrenda, — Reply

    Why would anyone want to bring and old dirty tire into their house?

  6. Posted by ksuehickman, — Reply

    I’ve got a boy they are rough on stuff this looks perfect

  7. Posted by bluemephisto, — Reply

    I’m pretty sure tires outgas forever.

  8. Posted by ladydre_78250, — Reply

    What type of sealant was used?

  9. Posted by charltonbuddy, — Reply

    I like the innovation

  10. Posted by gduitkthhtty, — Reply

    This is flammable

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