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  1. Posted by atheysbian, — Reply

    One time I had a crush on a guy then I saw him eat paper We were in fifth grade

  2. Posted by Rae_lyn_, — Reply

    If the genders were flipped y’all would be screaming just sayin

  3. Posted by ddelgadillo1443, — Reply

    This post is screaming facts at my face

  4. Posted by gxyclxwn, — Reply

    when you look at a girl you used to like and realize how ugly she actually is

  5. Posted by untimelyyeet, — Reply

    ok but its even worse when hes hotter now

  6. Posted by nottheRomanempire, — Reply

    it’s about what’s iNsIdE

  7. Posted by arowynm, — Reply

    Her face is brighter than my future

  8. Posted by viciously_vintage, — Reply

    Literally me with my ex

  9. Posted by pompeldom, — Reply

    Me with my ex lol

  10. Posted by pinkanpop12, — Reply

    OmG i CaN ReLaTe

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