Stunning Blueberry Lemon Curd Tart


A stunning blueberry and lemon tart featuring a naturally sweetened lemon curd and a sweet, crisp crust. This showstopping tart is delicious!


  1. Posted by marrowmew455, — Reply

    Mmm... gotta love those "lemoms"! Lol in all honesty it looks mondo delicious! And don't worry about the typo, pal. We've all had times when they slipped under our noses.😄

  2. Posted by INDIGOCHILD782, — Reply

    I read the typo with a French accent.

  3. Posted by ericadnic, — Reply

    The picture for this pin is misspelled, it says leMOM tart instead of leMON tart

  4. Posted by prokomenii, — Reply

    Lemom... seriously?

  5. Posted by shardyabigai, — Reply

    I love lemom 😋

  6. Posted by elenapenny17, — Reply

    Iwas thinking oooo lemom so fancy 😂

  7. Posted by gottalovelifestyle, — Reply

    Delicious, the picture got me!

  8. Posted by kendallpeak, — Reply

    Typo loses all credibility

  9. Posted by CindyKimB3, — Reply

    Delicious and so filling!

  10. Posted by manhattaninternational01, — Reply

    Oooh ! this looks lovely !

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