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How is it lit though ?? 😂😂


  1. Posted by desireeonomor, — Reply

    was trying to keep up with my older sister while swimming but I was too short and almost drowned and that's when I literally GRABBED ONTO A RANDOM PERSON'S SHOULDER JUST TO STAY ALIVE XDXDXDXDXD

  2. Posted by violetafromtheskies, — Reply

    Thank you Gabriella, it would’ve been shameful to have drowned in a public pool. No thank you to myself, who let me slide down the river rapids without thinking about the depth of the water.

  3. Posted by alicesclementine, — Reply

    Once when I was like seven (I used arm floats & didn’t know how to swim) my uncle threw me into the pool. And I mean actually fucking yeeted me, not a push A YEET.. and my aunt saved me :)

  4. Posted by luna7327, — Reply

    bro there was this girl who was testing me and my patience at like 7years old to see if o could swim in the deep end so I let go of the edge and started sinking until my uncle grabbed my arm and pulled me up out of the water (angel)

  5. Posted by fluttershybestpony01, — Reply

    I was absolutely fucking terrified of drowning so my grandma paid for swimming lessons for me and my brother to ensure that we didn't.

  6. Posted by alayaa0665, — Reply

    Even worse I got drowned getting sprayed with the hoes and climaxed into the brick wall from the house, and yes I have a knot on my forehead and STILL have it to this’s faded but every time I have a “slow” moment, I go back to that time and realize why I’m like that lmao

  7. Posted by Thatonemisfittoy, — Reply

    I almost drowned multiple times. One of which my grandma and babysitter were watching and my 9 year old sister I to save me. I was six. They were watching me almost drown.

  8. Posted by abigrsmith, — Reply

    When I was like 5 and my sister was like 10 we were fighting over a pool noodle and she pulled it and I ended up letting go and fell in the pool and my mom (fully clothed) jumped in and got me out

  9. Posted by kpierre112, — Reply

    when i was really small, we were at the ocean, and my mom told me to run from the waves, so i ran INTO the water, instead of FROM the water. My brother had to fish me out of the ocean lol

  10. Posted by Magma156, — Reply

    Happened to me once. I was swimming in the sea for almost 5 hours straight with breaks for lunch and snacks. I got really tired and couldn’t swim and the water became really deep early on, but the lifeguard didn’t help and just shouted at me to get closer to the shore. I couldn’t move because I was trying to keep my brother’s head above the water

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