#Persian Street Vendor #Kebabs


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  1. Posted by tarlanspran, — Reply

    O.m.g im persian and i never seen something like that in my lifeπŸ˜• and nobody use saffaron in olive oil 😲😡 and why use the arabic music on persian food? 😐Every thing in this video is wrong.

  2. Posted by gracedardis, — Reply

    Maybe the twist on ingredients make it street food...just my thought!

  3. Posted by southernbellebelle, — Reply

    Well, hell......it sure LOOKS good to me!

  4. Posted by PennyPanda2008, — Reply

    They look so good!

  5. Posted by reneeross19680091, — Reply


  6. Posted by baharehsoltani, — Reply

    That's not Persian πŸ™„ and that's not the way we use saffron πŸ™„

  7. Posted by PennyPanda2008, — Reply


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