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These easy pan seared pork chops are the juiciest pork chops you'll ever try. Boneless pork chops are seared with olive oil, butter, and fresh oregano.


  1. Posted by MsBeautyEnigma, — Reply

    These came out a bit dry for me. I think I’ll use thinner chops next time. Followed the frying time and used a cast iron skillet, but still kind of dry. Good flavor though.

  2. Posted by sharaveso, — Reply

    Tried this last night for dinner and was so gooood! Didn have Italian seasoning. Just added garlic powder and paprika. Then In the end I threw in some broccolli in for more or less 8 mins. Turned out so nice!

  3. Posted by danielle8178, — Reply

    Made this last night, it was fantastic. I didn't have fresh garlic or herbs on hand, so I just used a sprinkle of dried herbs and garlic. It still tasted amazing!

  4. Posted by martha9764, — Reply

    Made these in a hurry and was so good. Be sure to not use too much Italian seasoning. Even delish cold for a late night snack!!

  5. Posted by sweetangelfan, — Reply

    These chops were so good. I think these were the best I ever made. Thank you for sharing the recipe!

  6. Posted by jenniferpecksta, — Reply

    Super delicious. I'm not a big cook, but social isolation forced me to try new skills. Love the tips for making chops in the iron skillet. Followed recipe except did not use suggested seasoning. Instead, used a ranch dry rub on 2 bone in pork chops. Added 1/3 m onion, chopped in rings, tossed in at the 3 minute flip. Placed in bowl with foil cover for 5min prior to eating. My 7yo son said they were the best ever.

  7. Posted by sowardsj94, — Reply

    Do you have to use a cast iron skillet or can you just use a regular frying pan?

  8. Posted by yaidellice, — Reply

    Juice delicious, tasty will do again

  9. Posted by gayglobetrotter, — Reply

    Looks delicious, so glad you guys enjoyed it!

  10. Posted by amberleon52, — Reply

    Fantastic! Just added some onions. 👏

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