Italian Braised Pork Shoulder Ragu - Just a Little Bit of Bacon


Italian comfort food of tomato, braised sausage, and pork shoulder ragu simmering on the stove is the perfect way to spend a chilly day.


  1. Posted by karen2029, — Reply

    Best dish ever! Easy and restaurant quality! I used Italian stewed tomatoes - 3 cans with this. This recipe made so much. Im going to freeze it to serve later over polenta!!

  2. Posted by mjsreader, — Reply

    The sauce was initially a little thin, but simmering for 30 minutes reduced it nicely. I served it with fresh homemade fettuccine and we went nuts over it!

  3. Posted by 229agras, — Reply

    Followed most of recipes because it was very inspiring but also added more water and bouillon and danish sausage. The taste was so delicious. Will certainly use this recipes for guests. Together with Italian inspired salad and homemade bread.

  4. Posted by sfmermaidd, — Reply

    Sauce is a little thin to me. I didn't add the sausage because some ppl said it was too much meat and I wish I did... Next time, I will use crushed only to have a thicker sauce. Overall, very flavorful.

  5. Posted by madre820, — Reply

    Huge hit at Christmas - cooked low and slow on the stovetop Dutch oven. Excellent recipe, so similar to what we have eaten in Italy.

  6. Posted by akos913, — Reply

    I don't like Italian sausage so we just used the pork shoulder and it was excellent. My husband added some peas and it added a nice sweetness to the dish. Definitely simmer slow and low for a nice thick sauce.

  7. Posted by blking2742, — Reply

    Came out a bit too fatty for my liking because of the meat I used but was able to soak up a lot of it. Cooked it low and lslow so it came out tender and delicious.

  8. Posted by royalcuppycake, — Reply

    I don't think I cooked it long enough for just the right amount of tenderness,and I don't think the pork shoulder and Italian sausage go well together. I think I would have preferred one meat over the other.

  9. Posted by joyouscooker, — Reply

    I did find this a 'heavy' pasta sauce. Pork is very good in any tomatoe sauce but I find this a bit too much meat. I would halve the pork. Just 1 lb is well enough. It's a good sauce in all. Half the sausage as well, and use a good Italian sausage. Squeeze it out of the casing and break it into tiny bits.

  10. Posted by tinabahlman, — Reply

    I must admit, the family were not fans of this one. The sauce was thin and the sausage was actually dry. Perhaps add later

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