Hebrew School: Set Apart Times of YHWH


Back for class two of our Hebrew School ! An integral part of the Hebrew lifestyle is keeping the festivals of YHWH, which are found...


  1. Posted by danasuggs, — Reply

    I believe it IS important for Christians to return to the Biblical feasts that were given to us by G-d. For far too long we’ve followed pagan traditions, to our own detriment.

  2. Posted by cdforan10, — Reply

    I keep the biblical Feast days bc we are commanded to do so. And we are to call on His true name to be saved as mentioned directly in Scripture. I follow Him bc that's what I was called to do. I'm neither Christian or Jewish, just one of Yah's children.

  3. Posted by MDKCreative, — Reply

    Hanukkah is not a biblical holiday and Jews do not call G-d "Yaweh" or even spell the letters out...just FYI. We say HaShem, meaning The Name, or other variations in the Torah. We replace the "hey" with "kay" to avoid spelling out or saying HaShem's name and use a dash in English for the same reason.

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