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  1. Posted by Nikolajewnaa, — Reply

    Imagine death coming for you but you run so you hear that really fast click clack click clack click from death high-heel-sprinting behind you.

  2. Posted by GreenMushroomss, — Reply

    It must be grell from black butler

  3. Posted by nylliom, — Reply

    I bet you weren't expecting THIS

  4. Posted by glitterdolphin1, — Reply

    Ignoring the fact that the grim reaper is not the devil in any capacity

  5. Posted by dumbassdamien, — Reply

    This explains why stewie admires him.

  6. Posted by mightystacks, — Reply

    The sequel. Death wears heals.

  7. Posted by sherrybisslik, — Reply

    Taako borrowed him those.

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