Crazy Things Spotted On Black Twitter (24 images)


Black Twitter is off the damn rails and I love it.


  1. Posted by joicesims, — Reply

    She can't be mad when she get clowned at hard for having her fake tan 12 shades darker than her normal "cake batter"#23 shade

  2. Posted by Solivagant_Neko, — Reply

    I just don't get why people want to get tan... I mean, they agree to get their skin darker but still there's discrimination on black people...

  3. Posted by seriously_brxh, — Reply

    it looks like she didn’t even go into a tanning salon it just looks like she threw a toaster in her pool and jumped in and then got out when it looked nice and toasty

  4. Posted by Goddamnusernamesfuckingshit, — Reply

    Lmao she's ombre cuz she gets lighter around her torso. Looks like either shit(literally) cream or some chocolate pudding been put on her. It ain't even a race thing bruh this just ain't it.

  5. Posted by cadam0726, — Reply

    That’s from French Twitter (the pictures). She didn’t tan herself with products or in an unnatural way. She is from Sri Lanka that’s why she is very tanned. She tans very easily. She explained it because people made fun of her and criticized her... ( Don’t come at me I just give some informations, thanks) (and sorry for the mistakes... :) )

  6. Posted by xxbillyraexx, — Reply

    This is what I think of when people tell me that I'm tanner than I was the last time they saw me. Like I tan naturally (all sun no burn) and it looks like I rubbed dirt on my face. Sunscreen doesn't work well in me so the only way to avoid it is to stay inside all day and at this point Idc

  7. Posted by 1997becky, — Reply

    Some people are saying this woman is from Sri Lanka and that’s her natural skin tone. Kinda gross seeing all these people in the comments bullying her if this is true

  8. Posted by WeirdoWithAHat, — Reply

    I hate to see how skinny she is. I really just dislike the modeling idea in general. Like, don't starve them, they are supposed to be role models for young girls, keep them at least average, like 1. It's not attractive 2. It's unhealthy and 3. It's pretty much peer pressuring young girls into being the "ideal", unhealthy, malnourished body

  9. Posted by CatafalqueBoy, — Reply

    I hope that’s fake tan and not like from being actually in the sun because like... y’all stay safe. My mother is relatively young and a few years ago had skin cancer. She didn’t go out and sun bathe, so imagine how much worse the risk is if you do sun bathe!

  10. Posted by mollymolly1799, — Reply

    When I first saw this I was like damn did they really Photoshop a woman into a dogs body, and then it hit me LMAO

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