Best Guacamole Recipe


This the best guacamole recipe ever! Easy vegan appetizers, guacamole ingredients ripe avocados, red onions, cilantro, garlic, lime, and a little salt.


  1. Posted by kaleighjankowski, — Reply

    So yummy! I added cayenne pepper & the jalapeño seeds for some spice. I also did a mixture of red & white onion

  2. Posted by carly99mtz, — Reply

    Lmao the perfect guacamole? This is a Mexican recipe, of course is gonna be the perfect guacamole

  3. Posted by themompg, — Reply

    We really like this. We don't care for cilantro so I didn't add it and it was great.

  4. Posted by dominique_berci, — Reply

    It seems like it’s missing something . Other than that it’s okay .. Thank you 😊

  5. Posted by sweetcheex88, — Reply

    It needs tomato

  6. Posted by vtruecowgirl, — Reply

    It really is the best!!

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