56 Late Night Pics And Memes


An extra large dump to send you into a mind altering state.


  1. Posted by StrawberryCakePie, — Reply

    If I was a plastic surgeon I would change my last name to Puberty so people could make Puberty jokes. Is it a poor life idea? Yes. Will I ever be a plastic surgeon? Hell no

  2. Posted by leofalken, — Reply

    No way someone would seriously say Kylie is natural, like she has more plastic than the entire ocean in only one ass cheek

  3. Posted by aniyahcovington, — Reply

    Someone recycle this hoe cuz she full of plastic at this point 🤦🏾‍♀️ Let her join the Toy Story crew real quick, Andy need to come get his toy 😭

  4. Posted by AmberMarie1800, — Reply

    Why do some people act like plastic surgery is so terrible and make fun of it? if it's what they want and it makes them happy then why do people have to be so rude?

  5. Posted by mikeconners1990, — Reply

    this is one thing I hate, the exact same people who are making fun of her are self righteous whenever you make fun of someone else for something they did/chose for their life Im all for cracking jokes over someone bc that shows societies values, but dont be a fucking hypocrite

  6. Posted by hbuga40, — Reply

    Who in the world would think of that as puberty!!!! I think that person has somehow survived from 1700-2020. "Heeey it's a new generation, we now have plastic surgery, yes ur welcome

  7. Posted by tmgalvez, — Reply

    First, plastic surgery is just so unnatural I just can't even. Second, love yourself and the way you are without changing the way you look. Makeup is fine but don't waste money on surgery. Third, if anyone is gonna do plastic surgery, after all that, they should try figuring out a way to recycle it bahaha

  8. Posted by brwn_b4byyy, — Reply

    i was born with a natural hourglass figure, we know kylie’s has had work done but it’s not impossible to naturally look like that

  9. Posted by nandozbiz, — Reply

    u guys really shouldn’t bash someone for feeling insecure about their looks at wanting to do something about it. it’s her choice, how does it affect you?

  10. Posted by grayfullbustershoe, — Reply

    This ain’t good for my future nieces and nephews, imma hide em from the dark web forever. I will not have them influenced by the fakest person on the internet. Why am I not saving my own kids you may ask? Don’t want the fuckers.

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