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  1. Posted by autumnspirit987, — Reply

    My mom: There’s a baby tarantula in the bathroom!!! Me: *just looks at tiny spider that’s barely a half centimeter big, sighs and walks away*

  2. Posted by HavingABreakdownBreakdown, — Reply

    The roles are actually reversed in my parents case, my dad is terrified of spiders so my mom has to kill them. And since im also terrified of spiders, my mom and brother also have to take care of them for me.

  3. Posted by httpbitly2od8lce, — Reply

    Me, tarantula are blood sucker, you see you run, or you will be dry.haha.. Eddie la sun kisser Singapore.

  4. Posted by labrothers357, — Reply

    this is a jumping spider there have been many cases of them crawling into peoples ears at night

  5. Posted by hebafaris3785, — Reply

    I found a big huge baby black spider in my bed it was there while I was sleeping 💀

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  8. Posted by sydneeARobinson, — Reply

    little baby

  9. Posted by LazyFanGirl123, — Reply

    Nah. Spiders are scary ;(

  10. Posted by marlatrue, — Reply

    I would be more afraid of the little spider than the beast in the first pic

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