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The internet can be a brutal place at times and you always have to be ready for some snarky smart-ass to leave you a cheeky comments. But sometimes those comments are pure gold.


  1. Posted by finnizuwu, — Reply

    This would be awkward if you were alive edit: ty for so many likes 💞💞

  2. Posted by noevillafane, — Reply

    I can make you tender You're delicious You taste good I love your texture I can go on people... which is really sad. Also, why does this sound like a Family Feud question? Edit: In one week this comment has gotten over 150 likes... how sad is it that my pathetic imagination is appreciated more by others than me?

  3. Posted by weebish_chaos, — Reply

    I personally like the breast most, im gonna stuff you (treading towards turkey territory, truthfully), i just wanna sink my teeth into you, ill devour you tonight, im so glad youre beheaded and in my freezer

  4. Posted by doomcat666, — Reply

    this bitch got some thick thighs

  5. Posted by Silly_sadass, — Reply

    The obvious. "I swear it wasn't supposed to happen like this. I did not want to kill you, but I was really damn hungry." 😂

  6. Posted by solodowczuk, — Reply

    Why did this make me think of that one TikTok sound that goes like “raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. Sticking my dick in rotisserie chicken!”

  7. Posted by elmpoolsc, — Reply

    I’m vegetarian, I cant eat u

  8. Posted by littledreamsonhigh, — Reply

    I like your thighs/breasts You look delicious I could just eat you up I love how you taste You're so hot Why won't you go into the oven?!

  9. Posted by ellas201901, — Reply

    I think replacing without with with is a much better solution. or, instead of that phrase at all, say "I love you" because you can love your chicken, but also love your SO

  10. Posted by travisgadams2004, — Reply

    Why are you out of the oven? you're not done yet

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