23 soul-fulfilling Plant-based food recipes


Here are our 20 tasty Plant-Based Dinner Recipes to add to your meal plans for the weeks ahead!


  1. Posted by stacijax, — Reply

    This was so good! Used the air fryer at 375 for 8 minutes(shaking halfway through) and just used my favorite spicy Asian sauce to toss them in. Definitely a staple in the dinner rotation now.

  2. Posted by roshnisanghvi1, — Reply

    Hi, Would you be able to add me in your Vegan/Nutrition/Fitness Group Boards? I can do the same for my group boards incase you are intrested.

  3. Posted by CoutureBaeLuxe, — Reply

    I need this!

  4. Posted by bilbaovignaud, — Reply

    Looks great

  5. Posted by fitveritas, — Reply

    Definitely going to have to give these a try!

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